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Etranfer force the payment he tries to deny he making claim on my mustang claim underopen investigation. And the fool doesnt have valid proof your statement should never be more advanced than mine.

All same fat east indian o.p p. Calls his attacks he made fake police file and also came to my job . Cbpx898 hope this helps you guys this *** playing with karma.

He is in denial i have him beat and keeps diggin a deeper hole for him self the man is plain old dumb any body who pays a invoice that you both dont share especially if you have original and live investigation going there no way steve can put lein on your property my father was 50 year hevy duty mechanic and i have put lein in affect steve is a jack *** nk your rights i know mibe. Im posting everything on the black community Facebook page people need to know especially in jane and finch falstaff rexdale areas

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So you missed some car payments and now you're mad about the repo. Yawn.

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